Wednesday, May 23, 2012

YouTube video of local teacher goes viral!

The video (just sound, actually) of a social studies teacher ranting at a student at North Rowan High School has now gone viral at close to 1M views.  The story has been picked up by the national media.  The video is here …

As back story, the student involved is intelligent, informed and respectful, and the teacher is an idiot.  The teacher is on paid leave, but school admin is already distancing itself from her.  She’s on her way out (perhaps coming to your community soon).  The student is also gone.  He will get a GED from the local community college, then go on to college from there.

I hope the national exposure given to this incident focuses on this specific teacher rather than the school system as a whole.  Our local school system faces sharply reduced funding from antagonistic county commissioners, indifferent parents, and a largely at-risk student population, and yet continues to make progress.  Our superintendent Judy Grissom works hard for the students of Rowan County, and we are so fortunate to have her. We are also blessed with some very good teachers.

As to recording conversations, are teachers allowed to do that?  I wonder how many would go like this …

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